Sweet Sounds Hearing Aids has been sold to Dr. Douglas Kloss of Wisconsin Hearing Aids, Inc. Just 6 miles down the road in East Madison. He is located at 1310 Mendota Street (Behind the Hyvee Grocery Store) on East Washington Ave. Dr. Douglas has agreed to honor all warranties and services commitments for Sweet Sounds patients. He is eager to meet you and keep your hearing aids running smoothly. Wisconsin hearing aids can be reached at 608-244-1221.


I am so pleased that I chose Sweet Sounds as my hearing aid provider. After some research on the web I found Siemens hearing aids to be a very good product. Sweet Sounds is not part of any large chain, but a small local company selling a great product with national backing. Stopping by Sweet Sounds after work one day and talking with Jim I knew right away that this was who I wanted to take care of my hearing problem. After struggling for many years with very poor hearing, Jim has really made a big difference in my day to day life. Thea is wonderful to deal with and has worked very hard on my behalf with my insurance company. I have made many appointments to fine tune my hearing aids and Jim goes the extra mile every time to ensure my experience with my new Siemens hearing aids is a success. I fully endorse Sweet Sounds as a hearing aid provider, you meet as a client but leave as a friend. Thank you Jim and Thea.

Paul B.
Sun Prairie, WI

To the wonderful people at Sweet Sounds Hearing,

I have been meaning to write you and share my experience with Sweet Sounds Hearing. As you know many people like me have no clue I was going through a bit of hearing loss. It starts with my adult children trying to gently tell me I might benefit from hearing aids. This is one of those things in life that you just do not want to hear (no pun intended).

As time went on, I started to notice that maybe my kids were right. It seemed like people mumbled a lot. Others would comment that my TV was a bit too loud. I went to one of your competitors, and they confirmed every bad stereotype I had about hearing aids. I hated the aids they fit me with. They made a lot of noise but did not clear up my hearing. I took the aids back to them with the idea I was done with hearing aids. It was easier to turn up the TV than deal with that noise.

Finally, I had heard of you people and thought I would give you a try. You listened to me, tailored a pair to my needs and I could not be happier. Thank you Sweet Sounds for clearing up my hearing world. It is very nice to hear what everyone else hears. All because you listened to me. Thank You.

Wanda T.
Madison, WI

I just wanted to thank Sweet Sounds for my new life. I have been wearing my new aids for more than three months and the change to my life both personal and business has changed drastically. I now hear and understand my clients which has given more confidence at work. At home I don’t keep saying what to my wife and she no longer has to yell at me. I now hear and understand my grandchildren.

I want to thank you for your dedication to making sure I had the right aids and making sure that they were set up properly to optimize my new hearing experience. Your knowledge and dedication was evident at every visit. When asked about hearing loss or hearing aids, I have and will continue to recommend Sweet Sounds as the professionals with the answers to hearing loss.

Again I thank for the new changes to my life through better hearing.

Gregory E.


The purpose of this note is to express my satisfaction and appreciation for the service and personal attention related to my hearing aid purchase last spring. I have purchased five (5) aids, and your product, service and flexibility are by far the best I have received. Your knowledge and skill are impressive and obvious. My life is richer with my hearing improvement. The warm office environment makes each visit a pleasure. Please note that Thea has been helpful and pleasant as well. Thank you for making my hearing experience better. Please feel free to use my thoughts as an affirmation of you complete operation.

C. Herman

Hello Jim,

You are a man after my own heart! For over 42 years I have demanded that my people provide our customers with unbeatable customer satisfaction. My managers have been known to do things, that at the time, didn’t seem to make much sense. But to our customers, those actions solidified our business relationship even tighter. In this business world today, too many younger people have never learned how to take care of the customer first, and then the rest of the business will fall into place.

Your phone call today really made me feel great; and served to remind me that I have done business with an honest man of high character and integrity. You know Jim, that really is about all that a man has left today is his faith, his character and his integrity.

I sure am glad I saw your small add on the front page of the Wisconsin State Journal, because as you are aware, I was going in a different direction. You never know who you’re doing business with today until you have a problem, and then unfortunately it might be too late to find out. You made my day and I’m very happy to have met and to have done business with you.

G. Aye
Sun Prairie, WI

Jim Kasenow of Sweet Sounds provides excellent ear service. His timeliness in willing to help and cover things completely is important. Testing results are checked. Those assigned to me were (two Siemens Receivers in the Canal instruments). I am once again returned to normal hearing standards by what I needed in the right place. Everything to help was covered from check-in through check-out. I am pleased with my appointments and the results thereof. I know now what was bothering my hearing and finding materials to make it better.

S. Meyer
Sun Prairie, WI