Sweet Sounds Hearing Aids has been sold to Dr. Douglas Kloss of Wisconsin Hearing Aids, Inc. Just 6 miles down the road in East Madison. He is located at 1310 Mendota Street (Behind the Hyvee Grocery Store) on East Washington Ave. Dr. Douglas has agreed to honor all warranties and services commitments for Sweet Sounds patients. He is eager to meet you and keep your hearing aids running smoothly. Wisconsin hearing aids can be reached at 608-244-1221.

  • pure_on_earFree hearing tests
  • Free comprehensive evaluation of your hearing loss
  • Consultations on options to treat your hearing loss
  • A wide selection of hearing instruments for your consideration, ranging from discrete and nearly invisible to small but powerful models
  • Free cleanings and adjustments by appointment with your purchase
  • Hearing Aid repair services
  • Custom Earplugs