Hearing Aids

Signia Nx Hearing Aids: Welcome to the Future


Selecting one of the models in the Signia Nx line puts the world’s most advanced hearing assistance technology in your hand and in your ear. You’ll get:

Bluetooth Integration—Signia Nx means never having to choose between earbuds and your hearing aid again. These Bluetooth hearing aids are the way of the future. Now you’ll be able to stream music and take calls from your smartphone or watch videos on your iPad or other tablet right through your Signia Nx hearing aids.

Signia Nx Bluetooth hearing aids connect directly to your smart device—including smart home accessories like Amazon Echo or Google Home—or to Signia’s Streamline microphone. You can even beam your television sound directly to your ear with the Streamline TV adapter.

Transform your smartphone into your hearing hub. Signia Nx Bluetooth hearing aids put the power of hearing aid programming and adjustment into your hands with a range of smartphone and tablet apps. You can change hearing programs, increase or decrease volume, tweak directionality and enable or disable tinnitus settings, as well as other settings such as system sounds, power on delay and flight mode.

Own Voice Processing—You’ll never have to worry about how your own voice sounds in your hearing aid. Own Voice Processing provides substantial improvement in more than 80 percent of dissatisfied patients.

Rechargeability—Always on the go? Stop wondering if your hearing aid batteries will last as long as you will with the Signia Pure Charge&Go Nx model. No longer will you have to struggle with changing tiny batteries—this model offers a high-capacity rechargeable lithium ion battery. Simply charge them while you sleep and enjoy all-day battery life.

Invisibility—Gone are the days of bulky, ugly hearing aids. The Silk Nx completely-in-canal hearing aid all but disappears into your ear. And, all Signia Nx models feature a modern, attractive, unobtrusive design.