We are a different kind of hearing aid company.

At Sweet Sounds Hearing Aids, we help you solve hearing issues and make sure you get the right solution for the right price. Patients often come to us out of frustration or a sense of hopelessness – at Sweet Sounds, we understand this feeling as our founder, Jim Kasenow, also has a hearing loss.

This is why we take the time to learn about how your life is impacted by the hearing loss and use that understanding to guide our treatment.

We never start with a solution in mind, but rather take into account YOUR distinct health care needs and life situations before suggesting an approach that’s right for you.

We take pride in what our patients call the “family feel” of our clinic, the caring and patience of our staff, and our deep desire to improve the quality of life for our patients.

When you visit our office in Sun Prairie for a free hearing evaluation, we will help determine if hearing aids are the right solution for you. If hearing aids will help, our Wisconsin State Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist Jim Kasenow will take the time necessary to discuss with you the different types and styles of hearing aids available. He will help you decide which options will best help your individual hearing loss.

We will offer hearing solutions that comfortably fit your individual need, lifestyle and budget.

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